Essentially, I am a Teacher

I have been a dedicated teacher most of my life. It wasn’t until I was nearly 40 that I got paid to be in a classroom. I landed on my professional teaching feet in second grade room, my dream grade, at the school I wanted, with my mentor next door. It was a fantasy turned into a reality.
It hadn’t started there. I first remember teaching my 4 year old sister, Linda, what I had learned in first grade. Then, since I knew she needed to practice, I had her do my homework. It led to two of my best skills, teaching and delegation. In fact, they are so tied together in my mind that I still have a hard time delegating without wanting to teach what to do first. I have had to lighten up on that.
My life has been tipped over, turned upside down and inside out, and then had the bottom pulled out from me. Still, my essence is to teach. In many ways, I am a different person then I was twenty years ago when I began my teaching career. Yet, at the core of this apple named Lee-Ann is a teacher. What I wanted to teach twenty years ago, twenty lifetimes ago, or now, is that there is a way to find joy. Education gives us the tools for the search to achieve it.

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