Teacher Burnout

Ode to the Tired Teacher: Keep on Keeping On

Inevitably, as we get closer to the middle of the school year, all the hard work we put into teaching the future leaders of America begins to exhaust us. That said, it’s important not to give in. Our resolve, as tired as we may become, will determine the success or failure of the students we teach. As this poem suggests, our passion determines who we reach. And so, tired teacher, I urge you, as the poem suggests, to “keep on keeping on.”
Ode to the Tired Teacher
Rise up, hardworking, tired teacher
You do great things, leading learners
To soon become our top earners
Our doctors, lawyers, even diplomats
All inspired by teachers like you, you know
Stay strong and inspire and know they’ll grow
Now mass waves of students become strong
With you, they feel they belong
Through your eyes and words and actions they feel
Education that has appeal
Caring and loving, they know your heart
So keep on keeping on so they’ll have a head start

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