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[Podcast S2E12] How to Engage With Students Who Are Behaviorally Challenged

Have you ever received a child in your class who as soon as you see them you know they will be a behavior challenge? Call it teacher intuition, but you can feel it- and most times you’re right. You stay up late racking your brain for strategies for these students, but many times you don’t have the time or the resources to effectively engage with them how they need to be engaged.
In this episode, Franchesca interviews Amy Arnold- a lifelong educator, TER Writer, behavior specialist, and advocate for students with special needs about how teachers can engage the students who are traditionally looked upon as “bad” by their classmates and teachers.
During this episode we discuss:
the difference between being behaviorally challenged and emotionally disturbed.
how to build relationships with students from the first day of class
how Amy came to be a teacher at a prison camp and her time owning a Non-Profit School for students with autism
what new/veteran teachers need to know when engaging with students who are behavioral challenges
the stressors that tend to cause students to “act out” in class
To read Amy’s articles on The Educator’s Room, click here. Follow her on Facebook, here.
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