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[Podcast S2E6] Are My First Amendment Rights Coming in Second?

During this episode, Franchesca Warren speaks to a long-time writer for The Educator’s Room and 7th-Grade History Teacher, Mr. Jake Miller, about our first amendment rights.  Just last week, Jake wrote an article about first amendment rights entitled, “A Letter to My Students On First Amendment Rights” and it got me thinking- how can teachers approach subjects that may (may not) get them in the “hot seat” with school administration.
We ask the question about if students have access to first amendment rights and how teachers can exercise their rights without risking their job. In addition to first amendment rights we discuss:
Why my parents never allowed me to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.
Colin Kaepernick deciding to kneel during the Pledge of Allegiance.
What makes someone patriotic and another person not?
How Jake confronted a professor who was using his political views to taint class.
How to teach students about “hot topic” issues while maintaining our neutrality?
Why the First Amendment is critical for our work as educators.
and so on…
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