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[Podcast Season 2: Episode 2] : So, What’s Exactly The Genius Hour?

Welcome to Episode 2 Season two  of The Educator’s Room podcast! In this episode, Franchesca interviews, Jennifer White from Teaching Teens in the 21st Century, blogger, English/Language Arts teacher, and Genius Hour expert!
Engaging students during school is a hot topic in all schools, regardless of the school’s community or socioeconomic background. Within the last couple of years, many schools have started to use the premise from Google to allow students and/or teachers to implement 20% of their time for something they’re passionate about.   Tonight we will talk about implementing the Genius Hour in middle and high school.
Listen to the podcast here. 
During this podcast we will discuss:
strategies to help implement The Genius Hour in your school.  
possible roadblocks for teachers and students in implementing Genius Hour.  
advice for teachers on how to implement the program and what you can get out of it for your students.
Resources discussed in the podcast
Jennifer’s  blog: 
Jennifer’s articles on The Educator’s Room

Intresting essay samples and examples:

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