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Real Teaching Resolutions

So many people make New Years Resolutions, and many of them are broad and unrealistic. Every year I go into the new semester with my eyes wide open and I think about what I can do to improve. What can I do to make my life easier as a teacher in the New Year? Some years are easier than others, and sometimes I do not keep a single resolution, and that is okay. Like my students, I am a work in progress. Here is a list of resolutions you can laugh at, steal, or add to because after all we are in the same boat despite the fact we teach different classes in different places. Happy New Year my fellow teachers.
I will…
1. Throw away the dried out expo markers.2. Stop hoarding projects because they are too cute to throw away.3. Stay away from the junk food in the teacher’s lounge.4. On the same note, I will stop writing passage aggressive notes on my food to make others stay away from my lunch.5. Stop taking my bag of papers home on the weekends. We both know they will not be graded.6. Love the kids I have, not the ones I wish they were.7. Wear that fabulous (shirt, outfit, pants) because it is the weekend and I am off duty.8. Stop comparing myself to other teachers. I am great in my way, and they are comparing themselves to me. We are all great.9. Sell my lessons on teachers pay teachers and know they are good enough.10. Reduce my coffee intake. (notice this is reduced because stop is unrealistic)
I will stop comparing myself to other teachers. Click To Tweet11. Be consistent. The hardest resolution of all.12. Stop doing lesson plans on the weekend. Finish by Friday.13. Save students that want to be saved. Some students just do not want help that doesn’t mean you give up on them; you invest more energy toward students that embrace your help not reject it.14. Say NO- second hardest resolution.15. Not let high stake testing scores define me as a teacher. I will focus on my classroom assessments which truly show growth.16. Find dorkier teacher jokes to use in class.17. Stop buying flair pens in the small pack, we both know the 24 pack is the way to go.18. Clean the white board before it turns gray.19. File papers before they become a mountain of unmanageable.
File papers before they become a mountain of unmanageable. Click To Tweet20. Make my classroom function for me (a.k.a. get organized)21. Will do things, not school related on the weekend.22. Use online documents and make the students take notes or draw the charts. #savepaper201723. Stop fighting with people on the internet that know nothing about education or the classroom.24. Stop leaving half empty cups on my desk.25. Drink my coffee hot, not leave it on the desk, forget about it, and drink it cold.
Stop hoarding projects because they are too cute to throw away. Click To Tweet
I urge you to make your own list of resolutions but make them specific to you. Writing “Be Positive” is great and all, but how are you going to do that? Think about what you need to do as a teacher and what you can do to make you happy and your kids happy. Life is too short to be unhappy in the classroom. What is wonderful about education, every day is a new start. Happy New Year!

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