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[Season 1: Episode 1] Thinking Positively About Managing Stress Through The College Process

In Spring 2018, we launched our second podcast entitled, College and Coffee, hosted by Mike Dunn, a College and Career Counselor. Stay tuned for a season of information for parents, students, and other stakeholders.
Season 1: The Regular Drip: In this inaugural episode, Mike Dunn interviews Stacey Cunitz from The Crefeld School and Blue Moon Educational Consulting and discusses helping parents and students to think positively about managing stress. Topics include planning tips, viewing the exploration of colleges as a process, and dealing with social pressures.
To learn more about Mike and his work in helping students (and parents) find the right school you can find him at or via email at [email protected]
You can listen to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play. Don’t forget to share with someone who needs it and leave a review. 

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