Taking The Plunge: Starting a School

When I wrote about starting a school four years ago, I never dreamed I would continually get a steady stream of emails from teachers who were either embarking on the journey or thinking of undertaking this huge calling to buck the system and branch out on their own. But here I am four years later, staring at four emails today (not to the mention the ones from earlier in the week) from teachers, three of which are panicked and one who is trying to decide if she should take the plunge or not. So I though I would address the top three questions I get from all of these emails I get, including the ones sitting in my mailbox right now.
You see, starting your own school isn’t rocket science. You don’t need to solve some huge formula or get a ton of permission to hang out your own shingle. You simply have to make the decision that you are done with the current system of education and that you are ready to blaze the pathway to change, doing it your way. Once you’ve gotten off the fence and made that decision, then hang on for the roller coaster ride that will ensue. It’s not difficult, it’s time consuming and exhaustive, but so very worth every minute you will spend on it.
Red Tape
So this brings me to the first big question I get asked: “I’m sick/tired/fed up with the way my system is run. I’ve checked into setting up my own school and it’s legal, albeit with a ton of red tape. I just don’t know if I should do it or not.”
I’m a bit of a rebel, so when this question is posed it’s a no-brainer to me: hell, yes, buck that system with everything you’re made of. But I know not everyone has that mind frame, so to those who are on the fence I say: hell, yes, buck that system! If the thought has crossed your mind enough to research it and send an email, take Nike to heart and ‘just do it.’ You will never know how successful you could be if you never take that first step. You don’t have to start out with some over populated fancy school building. Get your ducks in a row and proceed carefully. It can be done.

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