The End

You know the feeling you get when school is right around the corner? No, not the dreadful groaning of ‘no more summer.’ The other one. The feeling of excitement as you get your classroom decorated, put names on student desks, go to back to school lunches with your fellow teachers, see your newly painted classroom, organize your supply closet and stock up on new school supplies?
Yeah, me either.
You see, this is the first year out of my twenty of teaching that I DO NOT have that feeling. There’s nothing there. Nada. Zilch. Complete indifference.
So I know.
It’s time.
It’s time to trade in my holiday themed shirts for gardening shirts.
It’s time to trade in my red grading pen for the black felt tip I love to use when I write.
It’s time to trade in my classroom door key for the keys to the cities I want to visit.
It’s simply time.
Nothing set off this lack of emotion. No harsh words, no stressful environments, no irritating team teachers (there’s always that one…), no change in curriculum that I didn’t agree with.
It’s just simply time that I move on. And I want to do so on a high note. I want to be able to walk out of my classroom without feeling bitter, burned out or upset. I want to be able to let someone else take my place that has that excitement, that burn for students that love of new crayon smell. That’s what my kids deserve. That’s what school is about for all of us: being excited.

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