Unit Fractions: A Math Teacher’s Grand Slam!

As I slowly walked down the hallway to my classroom I told myself, “Last school year was a complete disaster but this year is going to be different!” If I could paint a picture of the students that I had last year, it would look like a scene from Major Payne. Every morning when I entered the building I felt like I was entering boot camp and I was the drill sergeant. As you can imagine on the last day of school I was speeding out of the parking lot on 2 wheels!
Well, this school year has been much better. My class sizes are much smaller and the students’ behavior is not an issue. Even though the behavior is not an issue, student engagement is at the is at an all time low. I’m not a teacher who believes that school should always be fun, however, I do think that most of the content taught should be interesting to students. I believe that most of the teachers on my grade level are struggling with trying to find ways to authentically engage our scholars.

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