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Using Board Games In The Classroom

I remember when I was little I loved to play board games. Growing up as an only child though, it was difficult to find someone to play with. I drove my parents crazy with Monopoly, Hi-Ho Cherrio and Sorry, then I moved on to checkers and chess as I got older.
In the age of iPads and tablets though, the art of board games has somehow been lost, along with the important social skills that go along with them. Students very rarely get the chance to sit down with family and just enjoy spending time together while being taught these skills.
Upon arrival to school, my class has some ‘directed free time’ where they choose a board game off of my classroom shelves, get a group together and begin playing. I love to watch the autonomy that goes along with this activity. Since we’ve been doing this from the beginning of school they are pros at working together, including different students in their groups and getting started.

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