What a Teacher Wants: One Teacher’s View

What do teachers want? Within the last four months, there has been so much controversy in the education including but not limited to, a teacher who was arrested for questioning a superintendent’s salary, there have been multiple school shootings, movements to arm teachers in the classroom, and strikes. So what do teachers want? I don’t speak for every teacher in the world, but this is my list of what I want…
A teacher wants….
To be appreciated year round, not just one week a year.
Not only to be heard but listened to.
To have new, updated textbooks every four years.
A prep period that is dedicated to actual prep.
A salary worthy of a bachelor’s degree (a minimum of $50,000).
A curriculum that stays the same for four years.
Good coffee in the teachers’ lounge.
An administration which is in the classroom.
To be acknowledged for good work.
To wear jeans on Friday.
Time to have an individual chat with each student.
To have time to run to the restroom.
To have access to computer labs that work.
To have technology that works in class.
A class of 15-25 students.
To be given a classroom budget for supplies.
Teachers just want to be treated as professionals, and not like the children they teach. Click To Tweet
Not to be forced to attend useless “professional development” which is designed by non-educators who are just trying to make a profit and have never been an actual classroom. (sorry rant over)
To be able to express opinions about education openly without fear of losing a job.
To be trusted in his or her judgment.
Parents who are involved for good things (field trips) and the not so good things (low grades).
A salad bar in the cafeteria.
An administration that is supportive when it comes to discipline.
A school board who was actually in the classroom teaching.
A copy machine that staples, hole punches, and never jams.
To feel safe in the classroom.
To know his or her students are safe in a classroom.
Patience for students, the school, and most importantly, themselves.
Teachers just want to be treated as professionals, and not like the children they teach.

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