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Why and How to Start an Interactive Notebook in Math

Last year, I began an interactive notebook in my math class after a lot of thought about the process. I had already begun the school year and didn’t want to change up how I did things but wound up deciding midway through the year to begin interactive notebooks. In the end, the decision to start the notebooks came down to one huge reason to start organization.
The Case of the Missing Notes
Beginning these interactive notebooks meant students would then paste their notes via foldables into their notebooks. Unfortunately, at the time I began these notebooks, many students threw away their notes or lost hole-punched papers they should have placed into binders. Of course, the students who were good at staying organized could always find their notes with this method. However, the students who had issues with organization frequently lost their notes. Once I began the interactive notebooks, the number of students who failed to locate their notes reduced drastically. I uploaded photos of the notebook I kept along with them at least once a week, and this helped students keep up with their notes.

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